Variety of ports

More flexibility thanks to a variety of connections. We provide a wide range of ports that allow you to easily integrate your EIZO monitors into a broad range of environments and workflows.

Variety of interfaces for PC and video
Variety of interfaces for PC and video

An HDMI input is available for connecting to computers to receive signals from a digital source, such as an HDD recorder. There is a composite (BNC) input for connecting analogue video surveillance equipment and surveillance cameras. The monitor supports NTSC, PAL and SECAM signals.

Easy to use

Impressive features mean greater comfort. Our intelligent and intuitive controls enable you to easily manage your settings as well as operate and deploy the display at work each day.

Underscan or normal view

The monitor supports both an overscan and normal screen view. The normal view shows 100% of the image and is perfect for regular video signals. The overscan view presents 95% of the image and removes irrelevant TV signal data on the image edges.

EIZO DuraVision Overscan
Clear colours thanks to the Up View function

The EIZO Up View function ensures that the colours will not appear washed out if you have to look up at the screen. This is an advantage, for example, if the monitor is mounted on a wall or ceiling.

Built-in loudspeaker for PC and video

Two build-in 0.5 W stereo speakers ensure good tone rendering. The loudspeakers support both PC and video sources.

Image quality

There are many things that go into creating a high-precision/high-contrast, bright and crisp screen. We constantly develop our monitor technology, use only high-end materials and carefully calibrate every single monitor during production. As a result of these efforts, you can always rely on excellent image reproduction.

Different resolutions

The monitor can receive a Full-HD signal (1920 x 1080) via HDMI and display with a native resolution of 1280 x 1024.

Other resolutions can be scaled proportionally or expanded to fill the screen. This is helpful when using applications or digital and analogue signals that don’t handle 1280 x 1024 pixels.

Optimal view in any light

Thanks to its maximum brightness of 325 cd/m2, the monitor offers optimal visibility in any ambient light, even bright daylight.

Reduced Noise and Flicker

Thanks to its Y/C separation, the monitor offers images free from noise and flickering. During Y/C separation, the luminance signal (Y) and chrominance signal (C), i.e. the brightness and colour information from the image signal, are separated, preventing overlap artifacts. In addition, the monitor displays 16,77 million colours clearly and vividly. 

Flicker-free images

The monitor is fitted with LED backlighting to control brightness and prevent flickering. This places far less strain on the eyes when the screen is being observed for extended periods of time.

Durability and reliability

Thanks to continuous research and development of high-quality components and technologies, EIZO produces monitor solutions that are strong when it comes to quality and absolute reliability.

EIZO DuraVision: 24/7
24/7 use guaranteed

The monitor is built for 24-hour use and is impressively reliable. That is why EIZO gives a 2 years warranty.


EIZO considers longevity, sustainability and environmental friendliness to be main components of product quality. That’s why our products are produced in accordance with international environmental regulations and reduce resource consumption thanks to the long service life they offer.

Environmentally and socially conscious production

With the FDS1903-A, EIZO demonstrates that image and product quality go hand in hand with responsible planning, materials sourcing and production. This value allows you to safely invest in a modern and reliable solution.

Socially responsible production at EIZO

Socially responsible production

The FDS1903-A is produced in a socially responsible way. It is free of child labour and forced labour. Suppliers along the supply chain have been carefully selected and they have also committed themselves to produce in a socially responsible way. This applies in particular to conflict minerals. We present a detailed report about our social responsibility annually and voluntarily.

Learn more about responsible corporate behaviour at EIZO here.

Environmentally and climate friendly

Each FDS1903-A is manufactured in our own factory, which implements an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001. This includes measures to reduce waste, wastewater and emissions, resource and energy consumption, as well as to encourage environmentally conscious behaviour among employees. We publicly report on these measures on an annual basis. 

Environmentally and climate friendly monitors by EIZO
Nachhaltige DuraVision-Monitore

Sustainable and durable

The FDS1903-A is designed to have a long service life and normally outlasts the warranty period by some distance. Replacement parts are available many years after production has ceased. The entire lifecycle takes into account the impact on the environment as the longevity of the product and the fact it can be repaired saves resources and protects the environment. When designing the FDS1903-A, we took a minimalistic approach to our resources by using high-quality components and materials, as well as a careful production process.

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